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About Me -

About Me

Welcome to All R/C Flight. This blog will very likely not cover every aspect of radio controlled flight as the name suggest. However what the name does declare is that no topics will excluded. R/C flight does cover a very wide spectrum of interest so not everything published here will be of interest to everybody, although anybody interested in things that fly by radio control will find something useful and/or entertaining here on a regular basis.

The main idea behind All R/C Flight is to provide the aeromodeler that has some experience under his belt, a regular stop on the internet. If you are brand new to R/C and looking for the basic information there is not much I can add to what is already covered in depth at MANY places on the net, so you will not find that type of information here. Even though All R/C Flight is not geared toward the beginner pilot that doesn’t mean he/she will not find anything of use here.

As an aeromodeler for nearly 30 years now, I’ve seen many changes within this hobby and have tried my hand at a few different disciplines along the way. I’m certain to continue to discover things that catch my interest and want to give it a try. I enjoy trying new things and reporting what I’ve learned, along with the follies that occurred during the process. For those familiar with my style know I’m not afraid to poke fun at myself to deliver information or get a cheap laugh.

Even though this blog is truly in it infancy, I’ve been providing information and sharing my experiences in R/C for over a decade now as the newsletter editor for our little flying club. I’ve also been fortunate to have had a few articles published for much wider audience.

The promise I can make to you the reader is that I will do my absolute best to post fresh content on a regular basis and if you ask questions or leave comments I will respond. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you would like to see talked about here.

One other item I need to mention is that changes will happen from time to time as the site grows so please bear with me.

The best way to stay abreast of new articles is to become a subscriber, which is available in the right column under “Subscribe”. Keep in mind you can unsubscribe at any time. You can also like the All R/C Flight Facebook page

Thank you for checking out All R/C Flight. Hope you enjoy!

Scott Rhoades

Your R/C buddy

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