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Cool Live Animated Wind Map

Flying in the wind stinks. I don’t mind a mild wind but when it starts approaching 15 knots, flying anything by R/C simply becomes unenjoyable. I’m always watching the weather forecast to see what the winds will be like few days down the road to plan flying times. In order to keep up on the […]

A lesson learned from a cheap garage sale airplane

One Day I received a call from my dad, he was at a garage sale that had a cheap RC airplane for sale. “Five Dollars!” he said. Since my dad knows very little about R/C stuff I asked questions to draw clues as to they type of plane and its condition. The most I got […]

Model aircraft engine noise. Is it an important issue?

How many of you are concerned with the amount of noise your airplane makes? Every year flying fields are lost because people living near them don’t like the noise created by powered model airplanes. These people end up going to their local government and cause an uproar at meetings. Before you know it another flying […]

R/C Swap Meet Season

It’s that time of year. For many modelers winter weather means a halt to flying season, but at the same time it means Swap Meet season. I’ve been to numerous R/C swap meets over the years and don’t typically go looking for anything in particular; just keeping my eyes open for the bargain of the […]

The Unwritten rules of flying R/C

Even if you’re a member of the friendliest club around, that doesn’t mean there will be zero conflict amongst the membership. When you get a few dozen people together there are going to be, shall we say… “tensions”, from time to time. Just about any tension can be traced to the fact that someone did […]