Terms and expressions used at the flying field. What do they really mean?

Have you ever heard a term or expression and stopped to ponder, what do they really mean by that?  Well I have and the flying field is one of my favorite places to scrutinize things people say and the monikers we’ve given things. Well here is my short list of modeling terms and expressions that […]

Examples of what NOT to say at the flying field

If you witness the crash of a fellow modeler’s aircraft there there just some things you shouldn’t say… At least not right away. Here are a few examples. LOWER!! That hit so hard dirt flew out of the transmitter. Once again – The plane will be arriving at your home in a box. Replace your […]

Murphy’s Law of R/C

Those of you familiar with Murphy and his law of “Any thing that can go wrong will go wrong” understand how true this can be applied to aeromodeling. Maybe you’ve personally experienced some of Murphy’s Laws concerning R/C? At any rate here is a list of the more popular laws Murphy has graced us with . Murphy’s […]