Cool Discus Launch Glider Video

What a crazy busy summer this has been for me. A long list of article ideas waits for me but the time to make them a reality simply has not existed. Thanks to all of those that keep checking in here at allrcflight and also to those that have contacted me directly by email. I […]

Shipping an oversized R/C plane

Recently I sold a four meter sailplane online. For the metrically challenged, like me, that equates to roughly a thirteen foot wing span. As you can imagine the problem with selling something this big online is shipping it to the buyer. Just one wing panel, including joiner rods and such, was almost seven feet long. […]

They are called Discus Launch Gliders and I’m hooked

This is no exaggeration; I have logged more flying time in the past year than I have in the combined previous 25 years I’ve been in this hobby. You’re probably wondering how in the heck I was able to accomplish that? Easy, I got rid of the motors from my airplanes.