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Technical stuff Archives -

Who’s Flying Where

I believe most R/C’ers prefer flying with other aeromodelers when possible. Being able to talk R/C and share flying stories just makes the hobby more interesting. However getting together to fly with others from your circle of R/C cohorts can be difficult, leaving most to ponder the age old question; I wonder who’s flying where and […]

Shipping an oversized R/C plane

Recently I sold a four meter sailplane online. For the metrically challenged, like me, that equates to roughly a thirteen foot wing span. As you can imagine the problem with selling something this big online is shipping it to the buyer. Just one wing panel, including joiner rods and such, was almost seven feet long. […]

Use your smart phone as an incidence meter

For many years I used the Robart Model Incidence Meter to measure the incidence of my airplanes. To make the process of taking measurements slightly easier, I eventually bought a second Robart so I could use the two in conjunction with one another. Those meters served me well however I always thought accuracy was sacrificed […]

Top ten list for March Madness

To an aeromodeler that has been cooped up inside all winter March Madness is a condition of not being able to get out and fly. And you thought it was about men’s college basketball.  Even if you have not been stuck inside for several months waiting for spring to arrive, here is a list of […]

Preflight checklist

My flight box has seen several tools / equipment go in and out of flavor over the years. However, there is one notable item that has remained constant nearly from the very beginning; a laminated preflight checklist. It’s actually two list. One is a preflight check for a routine flight and the other provides a […]

Airplane Turning Tendencies

Almost every modeler above rank beginner understands that a propeller-driven airplane has unwanted turning tendencies. Most unfortunately are only aware of torque. Torque is but one effect that causes our planes to stray due to physics of a turning prop. Understanding all of the turning tendencies in a propeller driven airplane is certainly not a […]

Model aircraft engine noise. Is it an important issue?

How many of you are concerned with the amount of noise your airplane makes? Every year flying fields are lost because people living near them don’t like the noise created by powered model airplanes. These people end up going to their local government and cause an uproar at meetings. Before you know it another flying […]