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Cool Discus Launch Glider Video -

Cool Discus Launch Glider Video

What a crazy busy summer this has been for me. A long list of article ideas waits for me but the time to make them a reality simply has not existed. Thanks to all of those that keep checking in here at allrcflight and also to those that have contacted me directly by email. I promise, more articles are coming.

The most popular article published to date here on allrcflight is: “They are called discus launch gliders and I’m hooked” Not only does that article receive a lot of visits but it has brought about a lot of questions regarding discus launch gliders, both in the comments section following that article and to me directly by email. I believe that is because DLG is currently the second largest growing segment of R/C. (based on unscientific data and highly biased assumptions) I say second because quadcopters have gone crazy popular. That is one aspect of R/C I have not ventured into…Yet.

Despite DLG’s recent growth there are still a lot of people unfamiliar with this aspect of R/C and just can not imagine what “discus launch” is. Telling people I fly gliders that are thrown into the air by holding onto the wing tip and spinning does produce a lot of bewildered looks. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth at least a million and a half. For a couple years now I had a favorite Youtube video that I would show people to replace the bewilderment with wow! The video I liked to show was the one that got me all jazzed to give DLG a try.

Well as of yesterday I now have a new favorite video to show people what DLG is. This video was indirectly brought to my attention by my DLG partner in crime, Mike. It was produced by Dennis Westhoff as a promotional video for the Chili F3K by Stratair.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.


Just incase you are wondering about the old favorite. Here it is.


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