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Murphy's law and R/C

Murphy’s Law of R/C

Those of you familiar with Murphy and his law of “Any thing that can go wrong will go wrong” understand how true this can be applied to aeromodeling. Maybe you’ve personally experienced some of Murphy’s Laws concerning R/C? At any rate here is a list of the more popular laws Murphy has graced us with .

Murphy’s Law of R/C says:

  • As soon as your fingers are covered with epoxy your nose will start to itch.
  • Pictures of a new airplane must be taken before the maiden flight, because it will spite you and NOT be available for any after.
  • The ONLY time wind changes direction or intensity is when a plane is on short final for landing.
  • An airplanes attitude, altitude and distance from the field are all directly related to the probability of a deadstick.
  • The absolute best flying weather of the entire year will be trumped by a prior engagement.
  • When a plane crashes in a tree, it always comes to rest just beyond the reach of any method readily available to retrieve it.
  • The hobby shop will be out of that single item necessary to get your plane airborne.
  • The further you live from the flying field the higher the probability of forgetting something.
  • To assure perfect flying weather for a week, crash everything you own in the previous.
  • Accidentally glue your finger(s) to a part of the plane, that part will come loose from the plane well before your finger(s) come loose from the part.
  • The one screw that vibrates loose and falls off is the one you do NOT have a spare of.
  • Long after you’ve learned to fly is when you learn what planes make very good trainers.
  • Excellent deals on equipment and airplanes present themselves when you don’t have the cash… And somebody else does.
  • The odds of a plane crashing are directly related to the number of people watching it fly.
  • Winds are always stronger at a flying field than any other location within 100 miles.
  • If you show up at the field not appropriately dressed for a search and rescue mission, your airplane WILL crash in thick brush.
  • Fingerprints on the inside of a canopy only show up after it has been glued on.
  • Any tool or part, when dropped in your shop, will roll to the least accessible corner.
  • Believe everybody knows this last one…If you utter the phrase “Just one last flight before I go home” you will crash on that flight.

Know I can’t be the only one good friends with Murphy. Do you have any to add to the list? Leave a reply below.


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