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Preflight checklist for R/C model aircraft

Preflight checklist

My flight box has seen several tools / equipment go in and out of flavor over the years. However, there is one notable item that has remained constant nearly from the very beginning; a laminated preflight checklist.

It’s actually two list. One is a preflight check for a routine flight and the other provides a more invasive list of items to check, prior to the maiden flight of an airplane. This was given to me by my instructor and mentor many years ago and I cannot explain enough how much of a valuable tool this has been. I’ll admit the checklist for a routine flight gets used only occasionally although I use the “maiden preflight checklist” before every maiden flight.

The routine preflight checklist has proven priceless prior to the first flight of the day when I’ve allowed myself to be distracted, talking to fellow modelers, during set up. Taking a couple minutes to run down the list, giving attention to each detail, has caught forgotten set up step more than once for me. Another benefit of doing a quick checklist rundown is that it helps center my attention to the task at hand… Insuring the safety of myself, others and that my model comes back in one piece.

A few years ago I updated both list and published them in a PDF file so members of the club I belong to could have their own. I’ve made it available to you below for free. All you have to do is download, print and fold it in half on the dotted line putting each list back to back. I recommend having it laminated, which cost less than a couple dollars at most print/copy shops, so it will last a couple decades like mine has.

Let me know what you think about these list. Do they need to be revised? I know most guys are flying 2.4 GHz these days and some changes regarding the transmitter are in order. Other than that do some steps need to be added or taken away. Leave me a comment below.  

Download (PDF, 492KB)



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