Examples of what NOT to say at the flying field

Crashed radio controlled model airplane

If you witness the crash of a fellow modeler’s aircraft there there just some things you shouldn’t say… At least not right away.

Here are a few examples.

  • LOWER!!
  • That hit so hard dirt flew out of the transmitter.
  • Once again – The plane will be arriving at your home in a box.
  • Replace your divots.
  • Should of used more up elevator.
  • You keepin’ that?
  • I had a feeling your were going to crash.
  • Will that be paper or plastic?
  • Well, the rudder looks ok.
  • There’s a waste of a good airplane.
  • I really thought you had it there for a minute.
  • Better you than me.
  • I missed that. Can you do it again?
  • Think I know what you did wrong.
  • Hey, it’s nothing money can’t fix.
  • That’s almost repairable.
  • That was a PERFECTLY executed Figure 9 Loop.
  • No matter how many you plant they just don’t seem to grow.
  • Clean up on aisle four.
  • One gallon of glow fuel…. $18.    One hand built R/C aircraft…. $650.     Witnessing that crash… Priceless

Now don’t blame me if you get blackballed from your club because you fired off a few of these one-liners of R/C humor.

Any of your own you would like to add? Lets’ see what ya got. Drop it in the comments below.


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