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Who's Flying Where - A review of the application

Who’s Flying Where

I believe most R/C’ers prefer flying with other aeromodelers when possible. Being able to talk R/C and share flying stories just makes the hobby more interesting. However getting together to fly with others from your circle of R/C cohorts can be difficult, leaving most to ponder the age old question; I wonder who’s flying where and when?

Sure you can call or send text back and forth to coordinate flying times but trying to get a small group of guys at the field at the same time with those methods can be difficult. Don’t you just wish there was simple way to let all of your buddies know what you’re flying plans are, or that you could easily learn when they plan to be at the flying field?

A simple way does exist and it’s in the form of a FREE iPhone or Android app called; Who’s Flying Where. I first learned about this app on RC Universe a few months ago. After reading about the features and how it worked, I downloaded it on to my iPhone and then talked two flying buddies into downloading it too. Mother nature is causing flying season to make a slow start here in the Midwest so we don’t have a lot of time using this app. However I can tell we’ll be giving it lot of use.

This is app has plenty of features and I could go on and on describing each one and how it works. Instead I will just going to give an overview on the basics.

Upon downloading the app first thing you will need to do is register, and this is done by entering your name, email address and create a password. Once you have your account its time to add buddies who have also downloaded the app and created an account. The app provides a couple of ways to do this, either under the “who’s flying” tab on the main screen or in settings.

Once in the “my buddies” list, just tap on the “+” tab at the top of the screen. Doing so will open another screen that allows you to type a name search. When you find the person you’re looking for, just tap his name and presto he’s a buddy. Deleting a name from the list is easy by just tapping on the “–“ tab.  That will allow you to delete any name from your list.

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Now that you have buddies you need to let them know where you will be flying. The app already has a database of flying clubs from which you can create a list of your favorite flying spots. If your site does not exist in the database, one can be created. To add a spot just open the “My spots” tab under who’s flying and tap on the “+” tab just like adding a buddy.

What is nice about having the club database is that every venue has its’ own map, along with a list of permitted flight activities. Even if you don’t use this app to hook up with flying buddies, you can use it to locate out-of-town clubs while traveling or going to contest.

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Now that you have some favorite flying spots saved and a few buddies on your list, now you can let them know your flying plans. To do that you open the “My flight Status” from the main screen. To schedule a flight plan tap on the “+” tab at the top of the screen.

Simply select where you will be flying then set date and time when. Tapping the “done” button will instantly alert your buddies of your flying plans. If you arrive at the field and find nobody else is there, you can just select “I’m here now” to send an alert to your buddies.

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At the Toledo show in April I had a chance to sit down and talk with the person responsible for this application, Michael Kranitz. We went over a few things on the app and Michael relayed accounts regarding problems that arose during development. One example is with the option that will notify buddies automatically when you are within a 1000 yards of any of your favorite spots. Michael told me how the original boundary number was much smaller and that the app would keep sending alerts as a guy moved around the field because he was going in and out of the boundary.

Michael is certainly open to suggestions for improvements for this app. I know this for a fact because long before ever meeting Michael I had a concern with adding your own flying spot and how it functioned. When a person created a spot, it became part of the database for all users to see. I contacted him and explained how I did not like this because my buddies and I often fly at my house. By creating a “spot” in my backyard for all to see, I feared people would be knocking on my door asking if they could fly here. Then I pictured an angry mob of neighbors with pitch forks and torches ready to run me out-of-town due to too much R/C airplane action in the neighborhood.

Michael understood that plenty of modelers need to keep their spots private in order to simply keep them. A change was made to the app allowing spots to be made private and only viewable to the buddies of the person who created it.

As stated previously I’m sure my buddies and I will get a lot of use out of this app this flying season in order to practice together for contest. It greatly simplifies coordinating our practice secession.

For additional information I’ve included the list of features from the Who’s Flying Where webpage. iPhone and Android users can access the app downloads at site too.


  • Discover who is flying.
  • Search by buddy list.
  • Tap a buddy’s name for their full schedule.
  • Customize your buddy list at anytime by adding or eliminating names.
  • Customize notifications from all, some or none of your buddies.
  • Discover who is flying at your favorite locations.
  • Use a radius search or specific location search for out-of-town events.
  • Check to see who’s there at any time.
  • Make the spot one of your favorites.
  • Make changes to the name, location or permitted activities of the venue.
  • Users can create new sites on the fly and edit any site in the system. Users keep the data fresh.
  • Log your flight plan for any venue in 5 seconds.
  • Setup your flight schedule for tomorrow or the entire year!
  • Every venue has a map, list of permitted flight activities and a primary and secondary field name.
  • Set your system up to automatically generate a notice the moment you arrive at your flying site.
  • Set up buddy notification to receive instant messages when your buddies check into a flying site or schedule an upcoming flight plan.
  • Your favorite spots show up first for easy access.
  • Automatically post your flight status to Twitter and Facebook.

What are your thoughts on this app? Is this something you would use if you can talk your flying buddies into using too? Have you tried it?


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