Cool Live Animated Wind Map

Flying in the wind stinks. I don’t mind a mild wind but when it starts approaching 15 knots, flying anything by R/C simply becomes unenjoyable.

I’m always watching the weather forecast to see what the winds will be like few days down the road to plan flying times. In order to keep up on the weather I’ve bookmarked more than a few weather sites on my computer and even have a few weather apps on my phone. Even though I have plenty of resources at hand, I’m always on the lookout for more/better.

Recently I stumbled on a live animated wind map of the continental U.S. that shows wind patterns at the moment. This map provides no wind forecasting, I just find it interesting and very mesmerizing. Think I could be hypnotized watching it.

Just click on the picture below to access the site and see the map in action. Drop me a comment if you find it mesmerizing too. That is if you can take your eyes off it… You are getting very sleepy.

Animated wind map

Animated wind map


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