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Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) – Simple Way To Know When One Affects You

Most aeromodelers in the U.S. know about Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) and understand flying an R/C model in one specifically prohibiting “Model Aircraft Operations”, can subject them to criminal prosecution. This article will NOT address what a TFR is, why they are issued, or how they impact our hobby. That has been covered well in other areas of the good ole internet. What we will address is the question that should be nagging modelers: How are we supposed to know when a TFR has been issued affecting our favorite flying spots?

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R/C Now and Then

It’s been almost 30 years since I was first been bitten by the aeromodeling bug. Every once in a while I think back to my early days and the changes that have taken place in the hobby since then. Even though gravity is still just as relevant and you … [Continue reading]

Cool Discus Launch Glider Video

What a crazy busy summer this has been for me. A long list of article ideas waits for me but the time to make them a reality simply has not existed. Thanks to all of those that keep checking in here at allrcflight and also to those that have … [Continue reading]

Terms and expressions used at the flying field. What do they really mean?

Have you ever heard a term or expression and stopped to ponder, what do they really mean by that?  Well I have and the flying field is one of my favorite places to scrutinize things people say and the monikers we've given things. Well here is my … [Continue reading]

Visitors at the Flying field

Have you ever visited an R/C flying field as a spectator? If so, has this ever happen to you? Here’s the scenario: I’m a sole body standing in the spectator area. Just a few feet away, on the other side of the fence, there are about a dozen pilots … [Continue reading]

Who’s Flying Where

image from

I believe most R/C'ers prefer flying with other aeromodelers when possible. Being able to talk R/C and share flying stories just makes the hobby more interesting. However getting together to fly with others from your circle of R/C cohorts can be … [Continue reading]

Shipping an oversized R/C plane

4 meter sailplane

Recently I sold a four meter sailplane online. For the metrically challenged, like me, that equates to roughly a thirteen foot wing span. As you can imagine the problem with selling something this big online is shipping it to the buyer. Just one wing … [Continue reading]