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Toledo R/C Expo 2013

Static display Jet at Toledo 2013

Anybody with an interest in aeromodeling that has never been to the Toledo R/C Expo, or simply The Toledo Show as most call it,  is missing out. Anybody that’s been in this hobby for awhile has probably heard those words many times before. Well it's … [Continue reading]

The Free Flight Fiasco

simple foam electric free flight plane with charger

Have you ever seen a free flight model in action? I have and will say it’s pretty damn impressive. The name of  this site is All R/C  flight but I must say, for a guy to build a plane and then set it up to fly proper on its own with no outside input … [Continue reading]

Cool Live Animated Wind Map

Animated wind map

Flying in the wind stinks. I don't mind a mild wind but when it starts approaching 15 knots, flying anything by R/C simply becomes unenjoyable. I’m always watching the weather forecast to see what the winds will be like few days down the road to … [Continue reading]

Use your smart phone as an incidence meter

Iphone using an inclinometer app to measure the control surface movement on a radio controlled airplane

For many years I used the Robart Model Incidence Meter to measure the incidence of my airplanes. To make the process of taking measurements slightly easier, I eventually bought a second Robart so I could use the two in conjunction with one … [Continue reading]

Top ten list for March Madness

O.S. 70 Four stroke model airplane engine

To an aeromodeler that has been cooped up inside all winter March Madness is a condition of not being able to get out and fly. And you thought it was about men's college basketball.  Even if you have not been stuck inside for several months waiting … [Continue reading]

A lesson learned from a cheap garage sale airplane

One Day I received a call from my dad, he was at a garage sale that had a cheap RC airplane for sale. “Five Dollars!” he said. Since my dad knows very little about R/C stuff I asked questions to draw clues as to they type of plane and its condition. … [Continue reading]

They are called Discus Launch Gliders and I’m hooked

Discus lauch

This is no exaggeration; I have logged more flying time in the past year than I have in the combined previous 25 years I've been in this hobby. You're probably wondering how in the heck I was able to accomplish that? Easy, I got rid of the motors … [Continue reading]