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Preflight checklist

My flight box has seen several tools / equipment go in and out of flavor over the years. However, there is one notable item that has remained constant nearly from the very beginning; a laminated preflight checklist. It's actually two list. One is … [Continue reading]

Airplane Turning Tendencies

spiraling slipstream from a spinning airplane propeller and its affects on an airplane airframe

Almost every modeler above rank beginner understands that a propeller-driven airplane has unwanted turning tendencies. Most unfortunately are only aware of torque. Torque is but one effect that causes our planes to stray due to physics of a turning … [Continue reading]

Model aircraft engine noise. Is it an important issue?

How many of you are concerned with the amount of noise your airplane makes? Every year flying fields are lost because people living near them don’t like the noise created by powered model airplanes. These people end up going to their local … [Continue reading]

Examples of what NOT to say at the flying field

If you witness the crash of a fellow modeler’s aircraft there there just some things you shouldn’t say… At least not right away. Here are a few examples. LOWER!! That hit so hard dirt flew out of the transmitter. Once again – The … [Continue reading]

R/C Swap Meet Season

It's that time of year. For many modelers winter weather means a halt to flying season, but at the same time it means Swap Meet season. I’ve been to numerous R/C swap meets over the years and don’t typically go looking for anything in particular; … [Continue reading]

Aircraft visibility

Index of visibility rating colors and how visible they are on aircraft under all conditions

When a model airplane crashes, fault is sometimes loss of radio contact or even a mechanical failure. Quite often though the cause is simply that the pilot misinterpreted the airplane’s attitude and reacted with incorrect inputs. This … [Continue reading]

Thumbs or Fingers – Part 2

Pilot at 2011 XFC

Part one of this article can be found here. Thumbs or Fingers   So is the grass really greener on the other side of the transmitter sticks? If you fly thumbs would you really get better control with fingers? If you fly fingers would thumbs … [Continue reading]