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Thumbs or Fingers

Radio control aircraft transmitters showing different flying styles, thumbs vs. fingers

How do you hold the transmitter sticks? Are you just thumbs flyer or do you use the index finger and thumb also know as the pinch method or fingers (which is term we’ll use for this article)?  This discussion consistently comes up on various internet … [Continue reading]

Murphy’s Law of R/C

Those of you familiar with Murphy and his law of "Any thing that can go wrong will go wrong" understand how true this can be applied to aeromodeling. Maybe you've personally experienced some of Murphy's Laws concerning R/C? At any rate here is a list … [Continue reading]

Model airplane safety during engine starting

Diagram of danger area vs. safe area when standing near an radio controlled model aircraft

I heard someone once say when it comes to getting bit by a prop there are only two types of modelers… Those that have and those that will. An online survey of powered aircraft modelers showed that roughly 60% of the respondents had been injured by … [Continue reading]

The Unwritten rules of flying R/C

Even if you're a member of the friendliest club around, that doesn't mean there will be zero conflict amongst the membership. When you get a few dozen people together there are going to be, shall we say… "tensions", from time to time. Just about any … [Continue reading]

Lucky Pilots – Part Two

Knife edge flight close to the ground

In Part one of Lucky pilots we explained what a "lucky pilot" was and started to analyze what made them so darn lucky. This part continues that exploration so anybody can also become a lucky pilot themselves. If there is one common link between … [Continue reading]

Lucky RC Pilots – How you can become one

Crashed radio controlled model airplane

If you fly R/C with a group or in a club you may have noticed there are pilots that just are just plain lucky. They come out the field day after day and never seem to have a single mishap. While you on the other hand you feel perpetually unlucky, … [Continue reading]